Family law matters have deeply personal and life-long implications for every individual associated with them. At Cullen & Murphy, we represent family members at a time of turmoil and high emotional stress. We see our role as that of a guide, helping our clients through the legal steps in a difficult and usually painful process. We offer high-quality personal legal representation in cases of divorce and legal separation, including for domestic partnerships, and all associated matters such as property division, child custody, and child and spousal support. For more information about our firm and our family law practice, contact our Riverside or Temecula law office.Our firm utilizes the services of our skilled legal team, including staff attorneys, paralegals and researchers. By utilizing different staff sources, we are able to keep your costs reasonable and speed up the resolution of your case. Additionally, we have the support of a sophisticated computerized case and records management system, which also reduces client costs.

Our work is fast, fair and thorough. We seek to reduce the financial and emotional toll of divorce, termination of domestic partnerships, legal separation and child custody proceedings through out-of-court settlements when possible. An out-of-court settlement is usually in your best interests because it limits expenses and the stress connected with attending court. However, in some cases, court is necessary. Nevertheless, we will provide strong advocacy on your behalf at every stage, up to and including trial.

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